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Buckstaff's Environmental Statement

When you order from Buckstaff you should feel comfortable knowing we take our environmental commitment seriously and we recognize our responsibility to future generations.

The majority of our wood comes from Wisconsin lumber dealers. They strongly believe in long-term forest management and use certified forest experts in the tree selection process. They believe in working closely with land owners to help them keep forests sustainable. The wood they harvest is usually found less than 25 miles from their mill.

As mature trees are harvested, the canopy is removed, allowing samplings to flourish. This allows multiple generations growing on the same site. Annually, the company works at planting more trees than they harvest; in addition their staff attends seminars yearly to keep their forest management skills current.

Buckstaff utilizes water based stains which reduces VOC emissions. Blanket wrapping, when feasible, eliminates packaging materials that end up as waste in landfills.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact our Sales Department.